Northwest Arkansas Pride

Northwest Arkansas Pride

Northwest Arkansas Pride, June 14-17, 2018

Bears: A Contest

Saturday, June 16 | 2:45 p.m, | Kingfish Stage

When the bears come out to play, they win prizes in talent and swimsuit categories! Hosted by Northwest Arkansas’s chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Abbey of the Hillbilly Harlots – watch these bears strut their stuff as they compete to be part of Northwest Arkansas’s Bear Pride Royalty! 


Contestant Information

$10.00 Contestant Registration. This aint no free contest and the folks from NWA Equality will hunt you down over that fee. Remember register online.

All contestants should check-in by 2:15 p.m. at the Kingfish Stage at the green VW van. Contestants are discouraged from getting in the van; Sister Annie Philaxis is extremely thirsty and she might kidnap you. Please bring any talent music on a flash drive, or if you’re just playin’ a banjo, have your own banjo. We do not have any banjos.

Prizes provided for the winner of each category, and overall winner.

Contestants compete in the following four categories:
  • Bear Wear & Q & A (50 points, each category)
    • How do you express your bear pride? What makes you the bear, otter, cub, silver fox that you are; are you into leather and don’t think that it is too hot for all that, wear it; do you like a nice pair of cut-offs and a mesh tank top, we wanna see you in your most shortie shorts; roll around in honey and glitter if that is what you are into, we will judge but that is what we are supposed to be doing anyway. Show us all you got, minus the twig and berries; this is a 21+ only event, but no one needs to get arrested!

    • Once you strutted your best bear look we will ask you a question that you will answer right up there on stage in front of God and everyone. No need to brush up on current events; these questions will be easy and fun to answer. Don’t sweat this part.

  • Wet T-Shirt & Swimsuit (50 points, each category)
    • This section is to be conducted together but in two parts. Contestants will be ordered to the stage by Sister Kara Oke where they will be dressed in appropriate swimwear and t-shirt. Swimwear can be any variation on trunks, briefs, board shorts, speedos, or thongs, but if you are an avid skinny dipper we will not be accepting that particular brand of swimwear for this competition. You may bring any t-shirt you would like for the wet t-shirt portion – bring something fun that you don’t mind getting wet and/or dirty, because we will most likely not have a place for you to leave it after we hose you down. Get creative in your presentation – downright disgusting really – don’t be afraid to show out for Sister Willam’Grayce who will be “baptizing” you with all kinds of water filled devices!

  • Talent
    • Everybody has at least one thing they are good at, but it doesn’t have to be serious. It can be anything you do well, ice sculpting, synchronized pb&j sandwich making, twerking on a yoga ball – we don’t care what it is as long as it doesn’t contain fire, the use of animals or children (no children allowed anywhere), or make a mess that would take longer than two minutes to clean up. You can bring props or instruments just remember we won’t be able to give contestants more than a couple of minutes to set things up. If you need help with set up or clean up, the nuns are available, but you will probably have to offer them candy, money, or sexual favors.  If you have a song you want to sing and need a karaoke version or special accommodations, please email those requests to If you have what you need for music already bring it on a flash drive if you can! The funnier and more memorable talents the better!